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We are located at:
Van Ostadestraat 66
1072 TA Amsterdam
The Netherlands.
About us

Finally being able to renovate the building in 2005, which we completed in 2007, and having travelled a lot, we found we had enough space for a nice Bed & Breakfast.

Having travelled such a lot, we always have been fond of meeting all kinds of travellers, and we also know the needs people would like to see met when abroad, or even, when away from home.

Privacy and good in-room facilities were always important to us, but it's also a nice feeling being able to maybe welcome you in a lively, yet quiet, area in town, for you to enjoy the many restaurants and pavement café's, to visit the museum quarter or concert hall, or just for a weekend of Amsterdam shopping.

The set up of our building gives you have total privacy, but if needed, we won't be far away.

There is much more to tell about us, but why don't you find out for yourself (or not, up to you)?
We'd love to welcome you and make you feel at home, while, maybe, far away, or not to bother you at all so you will have total privacy.

Please feel invited,
Jasper & Tom.

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